Children's Medical Center - Tower IIIB

SW Associates worked with FKP, one of the leading healthcare architectural firms in the US, on the Tower IIIB project. Tower IIIB represents the next new construction project in the development of the ten-year master plan for the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.  The facility will provide additional space for the expansion and renovation of hospital services, replace some of the aging inpatient beds, provide shell space for growth of inpatient beds and other services and reorient the front door of the facility to Motor Street with the addition of a motor court drop-off at Level One.  In addition a pedestrian and automotive bridge will connect the level one motor court to the Green Park Garage across Motor Street.

Children’s Medical Center desires that Tower IIIB be compatible with the existing buildings in the complex.  So when completed, the new construction will meld with the existing to form a complex of buildings conveying an attractive unified image of the hospital.

The thirteen-story Tower IIIB encompasses 465,000 building gross square feet.  The Lobby Level will be occupied by public spaces and some hospital support space while the First Level is occupied by public spaces, administrative space and shell space.  The Second Level will contain expansion for surgery and inpatient care.  Level Three will have inpatient intensive care and shell reserved for the Heart Center which will be completed as a separate project.  Mechanical system will be located on the Fourth Level.  Level Five is skipped to allow for a greater floor to floor height in the mechanical space.  Levels Six and above will be devoted to inpatient care.