Baylor University Medical Center - iMRI Renovation

SW Associates provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services for the renovation and installation of a new technology at the Baylor University Medical Center Dallas campus.

Baylor Dallas is the first hospital in the United States to implement the new Intra-Operative MRI technology combining the BrainSUITE(R) iMRI and GE Healthcare MR Surgical Suite. The suite will feature image-guided surgery (IGS), intra-operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI), and visualization and data management technology.

The renovation will create four new operating rooms and one MRI, all behind the red line.  Also in the 9,000 square feet renovation, the air units for the new OR’s, as well as six existing, will be replaced. The air units will be sized to accommodate low temperature and low humidity within the OR’s using desiccant technology.

The OR suite is comprised of two rooms: a dedicated neurosurgery OR and a conjoined neuroradiology room. The integration of the two rooms will allow neurosurgeons to verify resection of a brain tumor by using iMRI during surgery, before concluding the surgery.   The facility is scheduled to begin treating patients in 2009