Baylor All Saints Hospital - Islet Cell Lab Renovation/Relocation

SW Associates provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services for the renovation of a women’s health clinic into an islet cell lab.

The 8,300 square feet renovation will create a 3,000 sf ISO 7/8 clean room, 2100 sf of BSL2 laboratory space, and 3200 sf of support areas.  The clean room HVAC design features redundant 100% outside air AHUs with a connecting vestibule to house the fan starters, humidifiers, and coil connections.  A runaround glycol loop recovers energy from the exhaust air to pre-treat the outside air.  The BSL2 lab is served from a 100% outside air AHU with vestibule and is kept negative to the surrounding areas by a HEPA filtered exhaust fan.  A new 600A distribution panel and automatic transfer switch provide emergency power to the AHUs, exhaust fans, and lab equipment.  An 80 kva UPS provides an additional source of immediate backup power to critical loads in the clean room and lab.